CANEST is way of living and transcending life – Constant Abysmal Noble and Evolutionary Self Transformation as we call it. We as humans are meant to evolve and facilitate evolution for others.

Life as we know, runs into numerous corridors of roles and responsibilities. At times we run into mazes and puzzles and thereby loose track of what we want to be, who we are and the capabilities.

Our job at CANEST is to make you aware of the divine light that you are. Yes, we all are descendents of supreme being the God. Our mission is to unwind from the blanket of darkness and thus spread our own luminescence.



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Isn’t It Ironic!

The aroma in the air was captivating, alluring enough to lose oneself to it. The atmosphere was seasoned with sights of beauties that could victimize bravest of the brave men! While some where bathing, dipped in rose petals, with milk tingling over their soft delicate bodies, there were those raising the fantasies, hypnotizing anyone, even those stealing … Continue reading Isn’t It Ironic!

To Err is Human

Since ages the seers have been preaching – to err is human, but to forgive and forget is divine! And as you turn attention inwards, and ask yourself, “What really is mistake?” You can’t help but witness flurry of thoughts running haywire, hounding your consciousness and even snapping it through array of situations that you had labelled as mistakes. And then I … Continue reading To Err is Human

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