The Paradox

Remember the times when you resolved to do something or achieve something. It could  range from imbibing healthy habits (singularly or in combination) – diet plan, exercise plan, meditation to acquiring new skill or taking up courses. Your plan was perfect and how about manifestation. As you sail through the memory you may laugh out loud on manifestation and may even acknowledge the complexities. If you think you are master at manifesting as well, then you can read out the rest and have fun! And if you did laugh out loud then as you read this article you can’t help but profoundly realize that manifesting that dream is cake walk. Life is meant to be series of enthusiastic moments.

We had a very hot summer this year – thanks to global warming and all that mumbo jumbo. Hence, community of aware citizens came out with wonderful initiative of restoring the lost green cover. As the rains came in, we started planting saplings and seeds along the lake sides and grasslands. While  participating in one such drive, I had privilege to volunteer to with people who had teamed up with their kids to spread awareness. While I was planting mango sapling, I couldn’t resist my eardrums receiving an erudite conversation happening between a dad and his kid. The dad was sowing seed and his son happened to question him on what happens to the seed as it gets coffined inside. The dad very calmly, yet engrossed in the act, replied “Son, this seed is source of life. While its a dream for its parent, the way you are to me,  it itself has desire to grow into a huge tree like its parentHence, you will realize that we are not sowing a seed, but we are sowing someone’s dream, someone’s desire to bloom in its own glory”. The kid noddingly replied back, “Dad, what happens when you sow the seed? Will I see the tree on my birthday?” Laughingly and yet in acknowledgement his father replied, “The seed is smart one, just like you. Like how you eat everyday the seed will soak all the nutrients from the soil and then it will start growing. Mother nature in her full capacity will nurture, not only this, but all the seeds and as long as the seed has the capacity to receive and feed on the nutrients it will grow steadily. Like how you grow slowly day after day, month after month and year after year, this seed will transform into a sprout then grow to be a sapling which will further grow into a plant and then into tree in the years to come. Remember son, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Every thing in this universe takes its time to mature and evolve. If the seed continues with its intention to bloom into a tree, it will one day bloom into tree.” As I continued listening to this conversation, the realization struck – if I have desire, all I need to do is work on it with abundant patience and persistence. Life is very simple and yet its appears complicated due to our hazy visualization.

The common mistake that most of us do is, we plan to introduce massive set of shifts in our routine to achieve our goal. Have you ever tried changing your routine dramatically – lets say to loose weight, or instill any new habit, just to find yourself restoring back to routine ways in no time? Also, how many of you gave up just because you didn’t get the desired results? Remember drop after a drop can expand into ocean. Ever heard of concept of taking baby steps? I am sure, as you read this you will realize how important it is to exercise your manifestation plan with patience and persistence powered with invincible belief that one day you are going to manifest that desire.

Remember, we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. We are born to enjoy every moment that comes to us. Next time, when you plan to manifest that desire of yours, consider working on it steadily with your own pace with patience and persistence. Life is simple and lets be mesmerized the way it unfolds its offerings. Be like the seed that receives all the nutrition from its environment and then you will be the awestruck spectator of the phenomenon – Life!



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