And That’s The Way


Dictionary meaning of the word “Confused”

  1. (of a person) unable to think clearly; bewildered
  2. lacking order and so difficult to understand.

Psychologists say, “Depth of human emotions can be as deep as the universe itself. And, as varied as the spectrum of light.” So the feeling of confusion can differ from person to person. And, if I have to summarize this feeling to account larger audience, I would say – Confusion stems from lack of clarity in decision making. Decision making involves knowledge of goal and various paths to achieve goal. So confusion may raise, either if we lack the vision of goal or we are uncertain of the approach, doesn’t it?

You will suddenly realize, its more important to break open the confusion and embrace the vibrant outcome. So lets embark on this wonderful journey together.

Statutory Warning: The following text will sweep you back in time, so, cling tight to your seat before proceeding to read.

Now while you are time travelling, you will realize yourself regressing through memories, spending some time pondering on the memories – friends, family, work, or may be just time spent alone. Your travel culminates into the situation where you have experienced confusion. Hover over this situation for a while, see all that you can see, hear all that you can hear and feel all that you can feel. While you spend time hovering over the situation and perceive it from third person’s eyes/ears and senses, you will start getting wholesome understanding about the situation and how the confusion sprouted. Now if I ask you, what the confusion was all about – You may either say that you weren’t very clear on the goal or you weren’t clear on the approach to manifest the goal or you were so overwhelmed with the alternatives that you were finding it difficult to choose one.

There was once a warrior – a lone survivor, within his troop, after a ferocious war. Hiding and running, he lost his way into the woods only to be spotted by the Protector of the woods. Protectors were the clan of highly skilled and evolved spicy of humans capable of anything and everything with the sole responsibility of guarding the woods and its ecosystem. The warrior got treated, and healed by the Protectors and he also assisted Protectors with some of their chores. Pleased with his devoted spirit, the master of the clan bestowed a boon on the warrior, “We are extremely pleased with your services warrior. You are truly the blessed spirit, for we don’t reveal to humans outside. As an acknowledgement to your services we can bestow on you one of the three super human abilities and you can also choose to serve mother nature with or without us. But, if you fail to choose one, your memory of this encounter with Protectors will wipe out and you will find yourself waking up to the sight of your country side. So my friend, if you choose to have speed, I will bestow on you speed beyond measure. If you opt to have strength, you will have strength to overpower any form in this universe. And if you want wisdom, I will raise your inner knowledge to the level unmatched in this universe.” Warrior found himself completely alarmed and confused on what should he do. He didn’t know if he has anything to lose nor did he have clarity on what should he do with the boon. As the time was shading out, Master calmly reminded, “What a seeker truly needs, is for him to decide”.

Coming to your own situation that you were observing so far, what do you think was the source of confusion? Take a moment, you can even close your eyes and ears if you want. Also, as you get to know the source of confusion. What would you do to break open? Having awareness of the source is sufficient even if you don’t know how to crack it. They say if you know the “What” you will eventually get to know “How”. And as you get understanding of the source “What” and you keep asking yourself “How”, You can’t help but to find yourself break open the shell of confusion. And as you travel again to this day and very moment, you will have massive realization that if you have well defined objective/goal and a plan or mechanism to weigh different approaches to manifest your objective, confusion will soon be a myth!



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