The Tale of Every Birth


Remember the time when you were complaining about something or someone. Experience that feeling. How does it feel? Angry / sad/ depressed / frightened/ lost? Do you really enjoy these emotions? If not then why should anyone carry the load of these emotions? Have you been to market and collected all the items that you don’t like? If you don’t burden your basket then why should you burden your life?

So, the smarter ones may say, “The world is not going to change just like that, if I stopped complaining.” And to that I would say, “None of us are born, to change the world. The universe is brilliant enough to balance out. We just need to take care of ourselves.”

Remember the time when you felt blessed, when you felt grateful towards someone or something. Remember the moment when you wholeheartedly thanked someone. You would love to spend some time soaking in the warmth of such memories. Now if I may ask how was the feeling? Totally worth it, isn’t it? You did feel happier and lighter. Didn’t you? Bringing you back to the market, I am sure you will load your basket with items that make you happy.

Now, we have evolved to an extent to know, to understand what brings peace and light Vs what brings not so good, heavy emotions. So, why are we loading our lives carrying emotions we don’t want. Release it my friend! Release it! Let it go!

Have you ever seen a dog talking on phone or maybe a cat enjoying sipping hot cup of coffee. You may not have even heard of horse talking to his neighbors sharing the joy of running that race. As comic it may sound and dramatic it may look in times of this age, you can’t help but realize that humans have been blessed with such advanced senses that other species can’t even imagine. Other species do have sensory organs – eyes, ears, nose, skin etc. But do they get to groove to that tune? Can they raise their spirits to the aroma of something wonderful? But as humans we certainly can. Our souls are certainly blessed for we are born as humans. Spend two minutes of your time, feeling complete all this while thanking the universe for it blessed us with higher intellect and superior senses. Remember a time, when someone thanked you and praised you sincerely and you felt doing more and more good to them? So if you keep expressing same gratitude to the universe the One Father, won’t you get more goodies in return?

So, decide wisely what you want to carry. Help is all around, if you need one to transform. Ask and it shall dawn on you for evolution is the game!



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