What Would You Keep?

Life - Basket

Rains had just kissed farewell to the country side. The air was crisp, seasoned with fruity aroma and hymns of birds chirping and giggles of children playing along the orchard. A wise old man, was enjoying this very moment while expressing deep gratitude and satisfaction for he manifested life stocked with such enriched experiences.

Somewhere in the remote corner of the orchard, the giggles were slowly transforming into noisy brawl. The sight of little angels shining was turning into rancid reactions, for two friends started fighting on the share of fruits they managed to pluck. To avoid the dispute to grow further, the well-wisher of both advised them to seek advice of the old wise man.

In no time the herd of kids, had themselves carried to the old man. On learning the entire episode, the old man pointed the kids to the two baskets on his right side and asked them what does it appear like. To this both the kids, in mutual agreement, said, “The first basket is empty and the second basket is loaded with fresh fruits”.

Old Man: Where do the fruits come from?

Children: The trees in the orchard bear the fruits and when they are ripe, we harvest the produce of trees.

Old Man: So, its the trees that produce it and we just happen to collect it. So if you don’t own something, why should you frown on loss of that which was never yours.

At this point, kids understood the lesson that the old man taught them with the words that were never really spoken. Enlightening isn’t it? And this was not the conclusion of the chapter, for there was more knowledge to gain and contemplate.

Old Man: Lets say I collect few rancid fruits or some worms and happen to drop them in this basket loaded with fresh fruits. Can you tell me what will happen?

Children: Eventually, all the fruits will start to rot and the space that was steaming with rich aroma will start to stink with the foul. Since, the fruits will be no longer edible, we will have no option but to discard the basket.

There was a smile on old man’s face as it was shinning with satisfaction.

Old Man: Children, then why are you loading yourself with the behavior that will ultimately spoil your character. When we are born, we come with empty mind like the empty basket you saw. And as we continue to grow along the timeline, we set our behavior and we continue to add multiple behaviors to ourselves. These behaviors ultimately reflect on our character. Would you befriend someone who is selfish and uses you – loose on character Or will you befriend someone who loves you and helps you, cares for you – rich in character.

Children: Definitely, we would choose one rich in character. All of us care for each other. We all love each other and hence we play together.

Old Man: Then why were you adding worms to your basket today?

This interrogation dawned on the kids like a spear, piercing their intellect deep enough to leave a permanent impact of the lesson that was incoming. Children realized that life is like basket and its our conscious decision to stock and maintain the basket with rich variety fruits orchestrating vivid and wholesome character or to let it rot to be outcast.
We don’t always need ghost story to build the thrill or to get spirituality flowing.


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