Now who doesn’t appreciate spending time by lakeside on a warm breezy night? The days were rough for Shaun and he was looking for an opportunity to indulge with self. Hence, he thought of spinning some time for himself, and thus, he was there by lake-side on this wonderful Saturday evening.

Shaun was very judgemental person and loved to pounce on judgements without spending any effort on analyzing the situation. He had paid heavily for this habit as well. Shaun was facing challenges in his career and personal life owning to his routine behavior. Per Shaun, the world was a wild place where none is worth to trust and you need to take an eye for the eye. Having lost almost everything, he wanted the life to spin back so that he can unfold to a better life. He was on a break to rejuvenate.

Shaun loved lake sides, the sight of moonlit night sky garnished with the music of singing bugs and the breeze whisking gently against him, had already induced a trance in him. It was entirely different episode he was experiencing. Never in years had he experienced peace to this extent. The time had stopped ticking and he never realized his eyeballs drifting from the glamorous night sky to the glittering lake.

Shaun was gazing water of the lake, the moon was reflecting and the breeze was determined to make and break the reflection on this canvas. Like a child thoughtlessly enjoying his toons, Shaun was lost in the game of reflection. His senses were brought into action by a soothing, mystical voice

Shaun, can you see how the disturbance on water’s surface makes and breaks moon’s reflection? Yet the moon is what it is. God has sent you on this treasured wonderful realm with advanced senses, so that you can perceive and admire the beings on this dimension. Our thoughts are like the breeze, they can shake the canvas of your mind. If your canvas is turbulent, how do you think will the eyes paint what they see and ears echo what they hear? Strengthen your thoughts for they posses tremendous strength to build this canvas. World is safe place, loaded with abundant love, care, charm and multifold opportunities. But for this to manifest, you need to embrace this world with open and kind heart and then see the magic unfold.

Shaun suddenly found himself wide awake as the voice fainted and kissed him luck for his journey to come! He didn’t know if it was a dream or was the voice for real. But one thing was sure, Shaun had learnt his lesson – The missing and massive piece in his life. Isn’t it evident that when you give out love, you get more love. You give out more compassion, the world treats you with compassion. If you hit your leg on stone, even the stone hurts you back.


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