No Strings Attached


Shashi, was one of the million souls living an urban life. Life had taken series of wild turns, wild enough to centrifuge all the dreams, ambitions and spark Shashi carried before waving good bye to her native country side. Shashi had embraced and surrendered to the city life for she thought it was the road to her dream, or was it really the one?

Shashi was a charismatic singer, but she kept failing to get bulky assignment. She was able to make her ends meet, but not her dreams. For her dreams were wide and deep – wider than the horizon she could see, and deeper than the depths she could fathom.

Every rising sun was no more enchanting, since Shashi was not getting the opportunity she was dreaming. Her thoughts were linear and stiff, since she couldn’t explore opportunities beyond her notion of “big break”. Shashi was losing her grace day after day, as the faith kept effusing, jeopardizing her mind bit by bit.

Today was no different, as it saw Shashi walking into a studio for audition. The queue was long, but Shashi was already tranquilized to the lengths. She managed to find a seat under shade, the sun was scorching hot and the shade came as life saver. Next to Shashi was seated, a father and his little girl. Little girl was completely indifferent to the ambiance and father was guiding her on the audition, and Shashi couldn’t resist sneaking into the conversation.

Father: “Daughter, you have to give your best today?”

Daughter: “Daddy, how do I know what is best?”

Father: “When you would sing out your heart, and when this performance satisfies you the best, to the extent that if anyone criticizes you, and you still are enchanted by your own performance. Then my child, have you performed your best!”

There was hypnotic glitter in father’s eye that was slowly inducting into his daughter and also stealthily into those sneaking into this conversation!

Daughter: “Daddy, what if I do my best and the judges don’t appreciate it?”

Father: “Judges are going to look for characteristics they desire. You are gem of a person my child. You don’t have to mold into someone’s definition, to earn something that someone else terms as success. Rather, you have to shine as the very person that you are! There is nothing termed failure but only feedback. Irrespective of your qualification today, judges will give you feedback. And then my child the game is yours to play, if you want to accept and build over the feedback to shine even brighter or to trash it out for it didn’t resonate with the person you are. In either case, its your life kid, its your passion. Never judge yourself my child, for judgement will label you. Rather, always introspect! For this positive introspection will guide you on your next steps. Don’t be attached to worldly affairs! You are unique person born with a unique role to play on this dimension, my child. Know your purpose, and Almighty will always have angels sent to you as guiding lights, only once you demonstrate the courage to traverse your own path. And then my child, whether you are successful or failed in the eyes of the world, for you, you will be the successful one. You, my child, will be peaceful warrior who not only enjoys every moment that life unfolds, but also epitome of His creation in all respect. Follow your heart my kid, for peace shall carve its abode there. Thou art blessed my child! Go my child, sing your heart out and give your best.

The conversation had already stirred a turbulent, yet provocative swirl of thoughts in Shashi’s mind. Shashi couldn’t stop giggling at herself, realizing how her rigid and narrow thoughts had shunted her vision of success. Deeply calmed, majestically centered, and massively energized yet determined, Shashi had now greatly realized her enormous lesson, and having got her spark back, she was now ready to blow her pixie dust once again!



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