Learning Spirit

You can’t agree more with me if I do say that evolution has been playing its game since time unknown. We have come long way transitioning from unicellular creature to the variety of life forms that we have now! And this is not the end of game and we still have long way to go!

What if that one cell had ceased to evolve? What if that one cell had decided to keep doing the things it does every moment? Then we won’t have the privilege to live the life that it is now!

Evolution is continuous process and the one that ceases to evolve, decomposes in the span of time. They say the humans evolved from the apes. So, the apes that we see today belong to the blood line that ceased to evolve. Alarming isn’t it? Coming to our daily routines, if we continue to do that we are doing and keep the cycle repeating then where is the evolution? And now you know what happens if evolution stops!

Evolution is greatly supported by resilience. Have resilient attitude towards life. Let the evolutionary mojo flow through you, for the greatest literate of the modern era is one who can learn, unlearn and relearn, irrespective of age and culture.


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