Baby Step or Giant Leap

You can’t agree more with me if I do say that evolution has been playing its game since time unknown. We have come long way transitioning from unicellular creature to the variety of life forms that we have now! And this is not the end of game and we still have long way to go!

What if that one cell had ceased to learn from its environment and stopped evolving? What if that one cell had decided to keep doing the things it does every moment? Then we would not have the privilege to live the life that it is now!

Modern day neurologists define learning to be the continuous process that facilitates your senses to receive inputs from the external environment, which further empowers neurons (brain cells) to store and process that information. The neural connection gets stronger and stronger, with the frequent fetching of this information from the neurons, which further facilitates quick decision making and retention capabilities. Thus, the more you repeat, rapid shall be the learning. Now, I am sure you must have realized why they asked us to repeat lessons back in school!

What do you think happens when you sow an apple seed? It grows into apple tree, isn’t it? If you sow plum, you will get plum. I may end up blowing your senses saying that someone sowed plum and it grew to be a pumpkin? That’s ridiculous, right? But if you now, in this moment, try to perceive the potential of human mind – you can’t help but be awestruck by the infinite potential it has earned as a result of millions of years of evolution. Have you ever sowed an idea – may be your new resolution, next day you end up nurturing something else and the ultimate manifestation culminates into a complete different episode in itself. Essentially, what has happened is you sowed plum and ended up growing pumpkin! Gosh! And, with all fairness, this all happened without even you realizing it!

So what has happened is, you consciously/unconsciously learnt something on a particular day, something else the next day. You, then, tried playing with a mixed scheme of information, and thus the end result was entirely different. We can learn to be plum tree today, pumpkin vine tomorrow and may be banana plant the day after and so on so forth. And all this because we have the mind with infinite potential, riding on endless possibilities, that needs to be backed and exercised by equally strong learning goals. So while learning is important,  it should be strongly backed by a goal/intention/objective that clearly defines, and is well conceived by your mind.

Since everyone has their own style and pace of learning, the process of learning itself should be tailored based on individual’s need. If you are good in a particular subject you will learn it faster compared to the subject you find harder, so here the pace will be rapid and you can take giant leaps. And if you are learning something that you detest, or something that you perceive to be hard then you can slow down the pace to take baby steps. Today we have plethora of tools that empower learning experience, choose one that suits your style and pace of learning.

Also, its more important to unlearn something that serves no purpose by replacing itself that is more profound in today’s era. In school they taught us : Sun rises in the east. The fact is, its not sun rising, its the earth spinning from west to east, creating the illusion of sun rising in the east. So as you progress, be ready to shade something that does not serve any purpose and open your arms to embrace the new knowledge!

Let the evolutionary mojo keep flowing through you endlessly, for the greatest literate of the modern era is one who can learn, unlearn and relearn. Let your mind expand endlessly!


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