Making Difference

You may not be astonished if someone mentions to you that the world today is facing environmental challenges ranging from global warming to toxic pollution, and that the life of the planet is at stake and what not! While I am not going to dive into the mundane ocean of the challenges and possible solution, but I would like to invite you to embark with me on small journey!

Everyday we generate waste to an extent. Lets say vegetable waste, packaging material, left over food and the list could go endless. And while the list can keep expanding, our method of discarding the garbage is pretty simple. We may all bundle it together to be picked up garbage truck the next morning. This all looks very simple to us, and it is! No question asked!

Now lets see what the garbage truck does, the garbage truck picks up bundles of waste from every nook and corner of the community and then dump it to the dump yard. Daily tons of this waste gets dumped at the dump yard. Essentially what started with bag of garbage, grew enormously to be a hill.

Now lets dive further, to understand the ecosystem of this hill. Those small microscopic bacterias will start flocking building their colonies feasting on the waste food, or any other organic waste. Their colonies will expand into a massive arrays and we get blessed with diseases. Sweet deal! Also, if supply of oxygen is less due to anaerobic breakdown of organic material, methane gas will start effusing. Methane traps heat, thus adding to global warming. The road only gets more smoother from here, but I would rather stop driving this bus and request you to get down to check all feasibilities to put a check here.

Now you may recommend, all the organic waste can be segregated at the dump yard. All the metal scrap and plastic scrap can go to respective recycling units. While this can be done, here comes the challenge. Dump yard gets garbage in enormous volume, so the segregation itself will take lot of time and becomes tough to manage since it will need human attention and dedicated and well trained task force.

Now lets take a step back, what if all the segregation happens at the source? All you need to do is, maintain three different waste bags, one for organic the other for plastic and if required the third for metal scraps. Suddenly something that was hill has transformed into a small bag that can be segregated in no time. Now what you do with the organic waste is your choice, you can dump it out, or you can start composting. You can even make your own home and toilet cleaners using fruit waste. Garbage enzyme is picking up grounds these days!

I would like to perceive all the small changes we can make to carve out better place.


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