Into The Wild


Aryan’s vision was going darker, as if someone was sucking all the light from his universe. The tycoon of thoughts was swirling his conscious mind haywire. He was making an attempt to show iota of courage, to suppress this tycoon, but it was all in vain, like moon trying to rise and shine on a cloudy night, just to get wrapped again by the blanket of clouds. The smog of frustration was all over, making his breath shallow, choking him out. He was being swallowed by his own fears, slowly and steadily with heavy feelings. This was not the first time Aryan was experiencing fear, laced with confusion. And he did make multiple efforts to come out of it as well.

At some point in your life, you may have travelled in a flight. I am sure you would have even paid attention to the safety instructions. My favorite one is regarding air mask, for it helped my friend Aryan learn an important lesson!

We were to board flight, and while the instructions were being given out, I asked my friend Aryan, “Why do you think when the air pressure drops out, they expect us to first wear the oxygen mask and then help the co-passengers?” Aryan readily replied to that, ” If you have not put on your oxygen mask, there are chances of you fading due to change in air pressure. So if you become weak, how would you help your co-passenger? You cannot control the turbulent situation through something that has turned weak.”

“Then, why are you allowing your enraged mind to pacify itself? Do you think something that turbulent can appease itself”, came out my words like a sword slitting Aryan’s statement. Our emotions and feelings are like fuel gauge, when the gauge displays tank emptying, we don’t panic or hatch those nasty emotions, rather we drive the vehicle to nearest fuel station and fill the tank up. So, if the feelings are like fuel gauge don’t you think you need to fuel up your system?

By this time Aryan had initiated self introspection. The horizon marked with dark clouds was opening up to let the light seep in, letting Aryan to gain clarity. Emotions stem from inside and reflect our state of awareness. He was slowly learning that confidence is an emotion, the state of awareness that reflects stability. Learning is must and the outcome, its manifestation, is the game Aaryan will have to play in his pace.

This was not the end of conversation, but this time I could sense my ear drums tuning to Aaryan’s sermon, “I have begin to correlate now! One cannot transform by suppressing what lies inside! Rather one has to acknowledge the very existence of such feelings and then step inside the wild chaos doing due justice the state that is, while trying to insert the desired state of mind. One cannot clean the pigsty from outside without himself entering into the filth. That is obvious common sense, and at times we do get drifted in our own boat. But the game is to swirl back in action!”

As the flight was floating up above the clouds, I could see my friend unwinding, lightening and basking in the glory.


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