To Err is Human

Since ages the seers have been preaching – to err is human, but to forgive and forget is divine! And as you turn attention inwards, and ask yourself, “What really is mistake?” You can’t help but witness flurry of thoughts running haywire, hounding your consciousness and even snapping it through array of situations that you had labelled as mistakes. And then I arise, like the Sun dodging the dark clouds, lighting your awareness and pulling it back to its current state. So, as it may look, the dictionary declares the meaning of word “mistake” as follows:

Mistake : /mɪˈsteɪk/ noun : An act or judgement that is misguided or wron

Go back to that one nasty situation when you think you committed any mistake! See that you can see, hear all that you can hear and feel that you can feel! How does it feel to relieve such incident? Do you think that commitment of this mistake led to loss of your desire, like the moon waning? If you look closer, you had desire to achieve something. Now certain act of yours lead to you losing out that wonderful opportunity, to achieve your desire. As humans, we label that very act, resulting into loss of opportunity, as mistake and declare the event as failure. Had the same act resulted into achievement of desire, it would have labelled as success. Isn’t it?

If you are on hill top and you see a car making its way along the road, and at the same time you could see another car approaching in the opposite direction! Now owing to distance, both cars may not be able to spot each other. But you can! Owing to your watch from the distance and height. They say the closer we look the lesser we see, and the farther we look our capability to acknowledge and comprehend the matter expands! Sounds factual on the surface yet it has very deep meaning, could be deeper that the depths known to human mind!

So, right here and right now, lets make an attempt to look at the same situation from eagle’s eye, as a third person watching the entire episode, and all this without any iota of analysis and judgement. Run yourself through the scheme of events and actions, taking note of behavior that you think should not have been there, and  also, those that could be changed. These were the acts that manifested something that you didn’t anticipate, resulting into loss of opportunity. Contemplate on these acts and imagine what would it look like, to replace the same set of acts with other set of act that you think would have lead to you manifesting the desire. Ask yourself how would You perform better? Now keep playing the movie in your mind, replacing the behavior you want to trim with the behavior that you think could have earned you that opportunity! Keep repeating the movie till the point you are comfortable running episodes over and over again.

There are no mistakes, or successes. These are human induced terms conveying if we were able to manifest our desire or not. Losing an opportunity does not mean the loss is permanent. Even the scientists have come to conclusion that we live in the world of endless possibilities! And this conclusion profoundly stems from new researches in the field of quantum mechanics. The ultimate truth is that there is an act, and performance of that act has consequence. If the consequence is something that we desire we take pride in blowing trumpets and declaring success. And  like everything has its opposite, if the scheme of events don’t churn out into manifestation of that very desire  or scheme of expectation, based on our definition of it,  we call it failure and our set of actions get labelled as mistakes.

Now, if you actually skim out these artificial adjectives from human experience, you will realize that there only series of actions we take and those actions lead to certain consequences which we later labelled as success or failure!

The most important aspect of human experience is to forgive, not only others, but also oneself, for anything and everything!  Say it loud to yourself that you have learnt the lesson! Express that earnest gratitude to the universe for it revealed an opportunity for you to learn and evolve! Now as you express this gratitude, seeping in the profound lessons you learnt, you will realize how feather lite your mind has become.  Evolution is the game, the pace doesn’t matter. All that matters is you continue to play it!


One thought on “To Err is Human

  1. Your writing is good. Well done! Happy to announce that today is Jackie’s birthday. She is in the happy birthday club like you and I. We are all invited to visit her and wish her happy birthday. Meanwhile, I encourage you to keep blogging. Nice day.


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