Isn’t It Ironic!

The aroma in the air was captivating, alluring enough to lose oneself to it. The atmosphere was seasoned with sights of beauties that could victimize bravest of the brave men! While some where bathing, dipped in rose petals, with milk tingling over their soft delicate bodies, there were those raising the fantasies, hypnotizing anyone, even those stealing the looks! The sensuality in the looks were magnetic enough to raise the dead overflowing with seduction! And the one that stole my soul was the one laying in fountain of chocolate, pulling me towards itself through the string of her sight, hooking on my senses. And, I had already crossed all limits of raising carnal volcano. The looks in my eyes had resigned all the morality. The more looks I stole, the more I tried convincing myself of the incestuous step I was taking, the more I found myself drooling to it. Finally! rising from my seating, submitting myself to the rising heat, and floating to the pull of her fragrance, I was to dawn on her, ready to pounce every bit of her flesh. The chariot of lust, taxiing me, came to an abrupt break, as if the charioteer pulled the horses responding to bewilderment! The sight of my wife standing between me and my charmer, brought me back to the ether. The rage in her eyes was evident and my sight drooped down with shame and apology, for I knew I had again cheated on her and myself!

“Tell me for one final time, are you going to improve on your virtues?” rushed her words sizzling over my consciousness. “I am trying hard my dear! But I can’t help but submitting myself to the spell that enchants me”, was my only apology. Not catering to it anymore, my wife again started the lulling topic how I walking towards being obese and that I should learn to control that urge to hog on to deserts. Yes, I was cheating on myself, while I wanted to shade that extra layer of flesh, I left no single opportunity to feast.

I am sure there are plenty of habits that we plan to drop, and end up getting lured more into it! Yes its ironic that we gravitate towards something that we want to quit, since it has become part of us. But, what matters more is being a peaceful warrior who resigns to the pouring violence with peace and patience, walking towards something that may not bring bliss immediately but something that can dawn a resilient near future.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t It Ironic!

  1. A rich post indeed. You say a lot of things which are real and profound. Indeed, often, the things we want to quit are the things that grip us most tightly. Happy that you are a solidarity blogger. Have you visited the blogs of today? Bravo!


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